Twilight been living in Ponyville for a year without making any friends, just studying in her library, yes, Nightmare moon appeared, but Celestia found a spell to get her back to "Luna", so that means Twilight DOES NOT know the other manes.

However, Twilight Sparkle has finally gotten tired of Overlord Celestia's tyrannical rule over the Netherworld. No longer being able to stand it anymore she begins a journey to find a way to not only take down the Overlord, but to replace her with someone much more qualified to be Overlord, and of course, she'll meet the other manes that will help her with her journey, by simply believe "life will be better" if they replace Celestia, However, it will be a journey she will never be fully prepared for.

Things to Point out Edit

is Twilight an Alicorn?

No, for the fact we're starting allover. We're like starting from "season one: episode one: To Overthrow an Overlord."

Does that mean Twilight will meet the manes?

Yes, but in the hostile-way.

For EX/ Twilight will meet Applejack first, saying "hay! Where are ya doin'? Tryin' ta Steal mah apples?" ,, then they start a conversation, AJ Asks her where is she going to, And, Twilight tells her she wants to overthrow an 'overlord', then AJ nods saying "ya. Life will be better if we do this," and then she asks Twi if she needs any help, Then Twi agrees, and in that way, Twi will meet the other manes. And all of them will agree saying it'll be a better life.

so.. The things were chaotic from the start?

Nope. Twilight started everything. It was just a nice normal day in Ponyville.

will Things be harmonic at the end?

Eeergh. Will they? The Manes are trying to replace Celestia! .. I'm not sure. Maybe? But mostly no. They'll keep being in a chaos torn around Equestria. But IF, again, IF yes, that means we May stop the group though. It'll just turn into the the mlp-RP.

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